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140 Million Iraqis and 1 Blonde
- President Bush and Colin Powell are sitting in a bar.A guy walks in and asks the barman, "Isn't that...

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50 Ways To Annoy Osama bin Laden...
- 50 Ways To Annoy Osama bin Laden... Fifty Ways To Annoy Osama bin Laden If You're Invited To A Dinne...

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Abortion Bill
- Did ya hear what President Clinton had to say about the Abortion Bill? Ah thought ah paid it!...

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Bill Clinton, a limo driver, and a pig
- One day, Bill Clinton decided to go for a ride in his limo. He was tired of the city, so he told his...

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Bush's Tragedy
- One day, President Bush visited an elementary school. All the kids were so excited to get to meet th...

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Campaign Slogans for George W
- 1. I'll turn capital punishment into a new game show!2. I promise to get cocaine off our streets: 1 ...

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Chief wants beer!
- An American-Indian walks into a saloon with a shotgun in one hand and a 10-litre bucket of manure in...

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Clinton and the Beer Cans
- Back when Bill Clinton and Hillary got married Bill told her, "There's one thing I want you to know....

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Family Jewels
- Erik Williams, 21, of the 3600 block of South Michigan Avenue, was arrested in Chicago on May 18 and...

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Genie and the Taliban
- Three guys, a Canadian, Osama bin Laden, and George W. Bush are out walking together one day. They c...

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George W - College Days
- George W. Bush was talking to some of his advisors, and they were discussing spin control on his pas...

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George W. Bush at a press conference
- A reporter cornered George W. Bush at a press conference: "Many say the only reason why you would be...

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Hillary and Bill at baseball game
- Bill and Hillary are at the first baseball game of the year, and everyone is yelling and screaming. ...

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I want to become a politician
- I want to become a politician when I grow up so I've made a list of skills I want to aquire, butI've...

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Iraqi tv-guide
- Iraqi TV Guide MONDAY8:00 Husseinfeld8:30 Mad About Everything9:00 Suddenly Sanctions9:30 Allah McBe...

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Jesus's Ethnicity
- Proof That Jesus Was Jewish:1. He went into his father's business.2. He lived at home until the age ...

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Lying Politicians
- A busload of politicians were driving down a country road when, all of a sudden, the bus ran off the...

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Made in Canada
- President Bill Clinton called Chretien with an emergency: Our largest condom factory has exploded!" ...

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New Ruling
- The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene in Washington DC this Christmassea...

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Osama Bin Laden joke
- Why did Osama Bin Laden killwife number 37?Because he looked up her dressand saw bush......

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Political jokes
- Republicans say "Merry Christmas!" Democrats say "Happy Holidays!"...

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Political jokes
- Republicans help the poor during the holidays by sending 50, one buck at a time, to panhandlers ...

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Political jokes
- Democrats get back at the Republicans on their Christmas list by giving them fruitcakes. Repub...

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Political jokes
- Democrats let their kids open all the gifts on Christmas Eve. Republicans make their kids wait...

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Political jokes
- When toasting the holidays, Republicans ask for eggnog or mulled wine. Democrats ask for a "Bu...

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