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bone specialist
- He should study to be a bone specialist -- he has the head for it....

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Do you like my new jacket?
- Do you like my new jacket?It's great. Shame your body doesn't suit it, though....

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face like a million dollars
- You've a face like a million dollars.All green and wrinkled!...

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family vehicle
- your family is so poor.......... the family vehicle is a skateboard....

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- You're so poor that when I went to your house I stepped on a match and your mom said, "Oh! who turne...

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grammar correction
- A girl from Oklahoma and a girl from Wisconsin were seated side by side on a plane.The girl from Okl...

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his mind
- He has one of those mighty minds -- mighty empty. He has a one-track mind, and the traffic on it is ...

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How to Get A Good Night Sleep
- By the time Dave pulled into the small town every hotel room was taken. He finally pulled up to the ...

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insults part 1
- He has a one-track mind, and the traffic on it is very light. He paid $500 to have his family tree s...

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insults part 2
- He's so dumb, he thinks the Kentucky Derby is a hat. He's never slept with his wife. He says it isn'...

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Knock, Knock... George Washington
- Knock, knock! Who's there? George Washington! George Washington who? George Washington who? Didn't y...

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- I saw a garbage truck driving yesterday. You never told me you were moving....

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never forget a face
- I never forget a face!But in your case I'll make an exception!...

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own mind
- He says he has a mind of his own. He's welcome to it-- who else would want it?...

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pretty little head
- She has a pretty little head-- for a head, it's pretty little....

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Today is my daughter's 18th birthday...
- I'm so glad that this is my last child support payment. Month after month, year after year, those pa...

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Top 10 Reasons Why Hurricane Season is Like Christmas
- Top Ten Reasons Hurricane Season is Like Christmas 10. Decorating the house (boarding up windows) 9....

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trip from beauty parlor
- I've just come back from the beauty parlor!What a pity it was closed!...

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Underwear is Important!
- Always wear clean underwear in public, especially when working under you vehicle... From the NORTHWE...

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- A guy walks into the local welfare office, marches straight up to the counter and says, "Hi . . You ...

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What's that thing on your Neck?
- Oh my God!!! What's that big ugly thing on your neck?! Oh, it's just your head....

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Whoa! Shut your mouth!!!
- Your breath is so bad that when you talk your teeth duck....

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yesterday's coffee
- She's like yesterday's coffee -- a little weak in the bean....

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Yo Family Is So Poor...
- Yo family is so poor that when I went inside your house I accidentally stepped on a roachand your wh...

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you are so stupid...
- You are so stupid that you flunked special-ed...

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